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Second transnational meeting in attendance – Pisa – Italy

The third transnational meeting took place in Pisa – Italy, hosted y Italian partner Nkey, in a meeting room offered by Chamber of Commerce of Nort-Western Tuscany
There were 12 participants from all 7 partner organisations in attendance. The host organisation – Nkey – also invited other 2 staff members who presented the beta version of IO3

  • self-evaluate the project progress in the last 5 months (since te previous TPM), compare the planned results with the achieved results
  • define the final structure of O2 and O3
  • review evolution of local ToT-s organised by each partner (after C1)
  • review the dissemination plan (each partner will present the dissemination activities developed especially after C1)
  • familiarise with the local context Italian partner is working in (visit some local artisans)

The meeting started with a welcome speech – from mr. Valter Tamburini (CCIA, Chamber of Commerce of Nort-Western Tuscany). He congratulated us on the project and highlighted that we can always call on the support of the organisation he leads.

Then we were happy to see again Elisa Guidi whom we met in Cagliari at the international conference. Elisa is the president of Centro per l’Artigianato Artistico e Tradizionale della Toscana and Regional European President of World Crafts Council Europe She presented us the ”Crafting Europe project” https://www.craftingeurope.com/ an initiative cofounded by EU’s Creative Europe Programme, that could be both a valuable resource and a relevant dissemination channel for our project. She also assured us of her full support.

Next presentation was about ”Master craftsmen and workshop schools; experience bundles” – held by Sabrina Perondi from CAN (national crafts network). She was very glad to hear about our project and offered to support Italian partner in organizing the worshops for senior artisans, so they already planned the first workshop to take part in January 2023.

After these presentations about the Italian context and some European initiatives related to artisanship we continued with discussions about our project. First our colleagues Gianmarco Rossi and Silvia Fergosti from the Italian partner NKey presented us a beta version of IO3. They offered to host this version as they already have a wide domain so all participants had the opportunity to see a draft of how the final digital archive (IO) could loo ike (https://seniorcrafts.nkey.it/craftsmen/)We continued with a presentation of the second version of IO2. The representative of Pro Xpert – Romanian coordinator that also is in charge with coordination this IO – presented some conclusions after processing the feedback from the first LTT (in Reading – UK) and some local ToT (developed in Spain, Italy and Romania)

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